Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Beauty of Bags and Boxes

Some of our favourite things, bags and boxes. These objects of beauty exist to be occupied by cats. On top of or inside them, either way, its our duty! It may be an unwritten rule, but it's certainly a central tenet of the cat code.
Below I may be observed displaying the appropriate behaviour in both bag and box examples of the genre:

A view from a box....

However, a bag or box shortage may create competitive pressures. Here you see me adopting a vigilant mode in a sucessfully occupied bag:

Alas, on this occassion, I was not able to maintain my advantage:

Do not fret however, peace was restored when the feeders procurred a box for Fritz. He was then able to demonstrate his truly distinguished box sleep-in technique:

Now that's text-book championship box filling, and championship napping, all in one go!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Tea Time. No Nip.

Well, a bit odd but a lot of tea seems to be consumed around here. An English Feeder obviously doesn't help. Let's be honest though, it may be an addiction. More tea is consumed around here than catnip is made available.
Now, we can always adapt, but Fritz tried inhaling the tea, as shown here, and he reports with some confidence (based on extensive experience), that he prefers the good old fashioned nip.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I do like to be beside the seaside

If your're a ginger cat, then like Fritz, I'd assume you're a fan of Orlando The Marmalade Cat. Our English feeder became very nostalgic upon news that his family back in Blighty just had a holiday in Aldeburgh, home of Orlando. The English feeder, in his youth, spent many happy holidays there. The Author of the Orlando books spent much time there. I'm not ginger, but nonetheless these are beautiful books and if you have never come across them, well, now you have, and I highly recommend them(Fritz recomends them as well - he's a fan as you see below):

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Snip and a Cut; one convenient location.

During their walkabout in today's sunshine (see post below), the Feeders also snapped this picture of our Vets office. We don't get outside much as you know, and when we do, it's invariably to visit the Vet. Thankfully, to date, only for routine matters. They are very nice there, and Fritz and I particularly like the lady Vets, even if we don't always take too kindly to the necessary "proceedures". I had forgotten until today's picture about one of my earliest visits. Suffice it to say, when I emerged, I qualified for the Unisex haircuts conveniently available right next door!

Feeders Find Favourite Food Source.

It's a beautiful day here in New York City - 80 degrees or so outside. The Feeders have been out and about in the neighbourhood. We're staying inside in the cool of the apartment, although we can see the going's on from the window. Today, right outside, the first street fair of the season appears to be in full swing in the sunshine, a far cry from last week's storm. The feeders took their camera out with them, and sure enough they took a picture of their favourite street fair stall. I have to say, athough I'm unaccustomed to paying for food myself, (so uncouth don't you think?), this seems like a good deal:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cooking with Ernie - New on the Kittie Food Channel (K.F.C)

Good Evening. Hungry? Fritz and I are, frequently. Actually, our particular frequency is twice a day, and we're quite particular about strict observance of OUR schedule. Fritz taught me a thing or two about how to prepare, and ensure, a satisafactory feeding. I share some of this learning below. I'm still a humble apprentice of course. One day if we're all lucky, Fritz may post his masterclass.
Step one) Should commence approximately one hour before desired feeding. May be, indeed should be, continued in parallel with subsequent preparations: Begin with one or two plaintive mews, escalate throughout following hour and while adherring to further instructions, approach caterwauling levels as necessary. Modulate according to Feeder reaction.
Step Two) Prepare Vegetables. We all know Veggies are an essential part of a balanced diet. Obvious of course. However, please remember that ideally they should be thoroughly killed before consumption, according to illustration a. below.
Step Three) While escalting mewing towards louder levels, (see above), proceed to stalk your game (protein plays it's part too)! Birds, inevitably, popular; pigeons are top of the pops.! If an indoor-only cat, stalk as best as possible given the riduculous limitations and mime your obvious hunter -gatherer -bat around for a bit and then look up and say are you impressed - skills. Fritz demonstrates a classic initiation of Step 3 below:

Step Four) Meat and Veg having been symbolically acquired, we're close to actual feeding time. If necessary (sometimes, timing may be off and a few minutes are still left until feeding time), deploy "starvation roll with plaintive cry" move. Fritz may elaborate on this ancient and mysterious skill at later date if we are lucky: suffice to say, it's often confused (deliberately) with the common "rub my tummy I love you and am about to sleep regardless if you pet me or not" roll. One variation is demonstrated by the master below, (but which, do you know?):

Step Five) Proceed to Kitchen and observe the appropriate Feeder reactions to the preceeding preparations; enjoy thoroughly the resulting contents of the can of food..
I've no doubt been preaching to the choir here, but I like at least to keep my notes and to share. We were, after all, all young once, and I hope these observations may assist the youth who lack the kind of mentoring I enjoy from wise older Fritz.
Step Six) As if you needed to know, Fritz here demonstrates the standard position:

Bon Appetit! K.F.C. will return as soon as we have any variations upon proven proceedures.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Feeders Find their way home!

Hooray, the feeders are back! They look happy to see Fritz and I, as well they might be!
Our thanks to Robert, our expert (and generous -tee, hee) guest feeder. Robert even fed the Flappie , upto a grand old 21 whatever-they-are points, and so all is well.
Along with Robert, we weathered the big storm up here, while the Feeders basked in the sunshine (?) of Northern Ohio. Happily, their homing instinct is as strong as that of an outdoor cat!
In Ohio, they only had the childhood cuddly cats of one of the feeders to remind them of us. They look cute certainly, but really, no substitute for Fritz and I, even if they are rather posh-looking Steiff cats.

We hope you are all happily safe and warm and home tonight. We are!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feeders Flee New York storm?

The feeders are away for a few days in Ohio. Perhaps they saw the storm coming to New York - but actually I know they planned to visit parents quite some time ago.
It is bad here in New York; if we were outside, we'd be very wet. But, we're safely inside and busy tormenting the guest feeder who's on duty until Tuesday. The guest feeder knows he can bribe us to behave with treats...of course this only works until...we're ready for more treats! Ah, it's fun to have an easy-to-bribe feeder for a few days...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Got a monkey on your back?

Well, I heard that in an old song somewhere, maybe you remember it? Notwithstanding our memory lapses, our local Pet Shop is a constant source of...well, food, treats and toys..obviously. We encourage the Feeders to frequent the establishment , and luckily for Frtiz and I, they do. The shock to thier wallets is offset, so they tell us, by the amusement they garner form the somewhat bizarre window displays that the shop is prone to. I've heard that fancy "window designers" earn big bucks at Christmas time, especially here in mad old Manhattan. Well, our local Pet Shop keeps the Feeders constantly entertained with their ever changing window display: perhaps they pay an expert for this, although I do doubt it. This picture is of an incarnation captured today. The camera, I'm told, could not capture the furry lobster in the same frame, perhaps a blessing. We love our local Pet Shop (food/treat/toy) emporium. Hopefully they will keep changing their window display to entertain the feeders and ensure un-interrupted supply lines of Kitty essentials.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

All the Animal News that's fit to Mention...(cat related edition)

Ripe old animal ages being reported here in the Guardian from England today. We all know how difficult it is to beat a Tortoise, but some good old cats put in a sterling performance: "In 2004, Whiskey, a 33-year-old tabby from Essex, staked his claim as Britain's oldest cat, but his owner was unable to prove the claim conclusively. As for the world title, the Guinness Book of World Records held that Creme Puff, a cat from Austin, Texas, died in 2005 aged 38 years and three days, though there has been much jostling for the crown. Guinness at present records the oldest living cat as Kataleena Lady, a 27-year-old Burmese born on March 11, 1977, in Australia."
Of course you've probably already read about the English cat who takes the bus to the Fish and Chip shop every day! Now, there's an English feeder here, and he's full of admiration, due to his prediliction for Fish and Chips from "home". I'd take the bus for him to fetch a meal or two, but there's no decent "chippies" here in Manhattan unfortunately.
Maenwhile, scientists are busy cataloging all the earth's animals. The Guardian (again, sorry, old habits die hard), claims that "The project, involving some 3,000 biologists, is led by Frank Bisby of the University of Reading in England and Orrell." Mr Bisby is clearly not reading our blog, because I checked, and although he's based at Reading University, he has not yet added Kingsley Royal (see our last Guest Animal spot below) to his so called comprehensive catalog.
Final Fantastic Feline news. The Amur tiger is surviving. Thank goodness for the good news final item, traditonally always a feel-good animal story, and always best when the feel-good is feline.

Exhausting stuff monitoring the kitty news wires...especially as Fritz simply disowned monitoring activities and retired to his Tunnel of Love -taking shelter (indoors) from the wretched weather we've (well, the Feeders anyway), experienced in the last couple of days of this so called "spring".
My name's Ernest, good night, and good napping.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Occassional Guest Animals, 3.

Yes, it's a cat! Kingsley the Lion to be exact, gallant mascot of Reading F.C. , our favourite Football team. He's usually rather ebullient, presumably he's paid to be just that, but after recent results, he may be a somewhat subdued. Yes, we've been quiet about the footie recently, it's been a tough run of results. Today was a good showing, but still a 2-1 loss to Liverpool F.C., and it's been a while since we had a win. Next up are Charlton, fighting for Premiership survival, and commanded by our former manager, who unfortunately is not stupid. If we had an Easter bank holiday here in the U.S., we could settle down to watch on Monday afternoon, but alas, the Feeders will be stuck in their offices and I can't yet use the remote control for the T.V. (not for want of trying, it's just not very pawgonomic). On recent form, it could be a blessing, but I've a feeling it will be a humdinger of a game.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Old cat in library in new book deal

Well I'm a little jealous of Dewey the library cat. According to today's New York Times, he's just secured for his executors a $1.25 million book advance for his life story. That's a lot of nip! As with so many things, you can blame this all on a dog. Specifically, blame Marley because his book has been such a wretched success. Now the literary agents are queing at the pet store doors searching for for the next big pet writing talent.
Fritz was jealous too. He submitted this picture of himself in our library to many of New York's finest publishing houses. He thinks he looks, "erudite, yet approachable, aloft but not aloof". Alas, no calls far

Monday, April 2, 2007

Occassional Guest Animals, 2.

This animal is a Flappie, (see the bottom of the page), known as Mr Flappie around these parts. He lives on the Feeders computer desktop, a widget we're told, and frankly he garners rather more attention than Fritz and I think he warrants. He gets fed, and tickled and generally admired, and does little in return except chorttle and (usually) smile. As you see here, he can however have a nasty temper.

He's supposed to "evolve", but I've researched this and clearly nobody knows how, or into what, he will evolve. So the whole endeavour seems somewhat futile to me. And, the icing on the cake, he makes a crowing noise at sunrise, and emits a wolf-like call and sunset, altogether a wretched nuisance in our book. Anyway, as of today our Flappie registers 14 points on his heart meter - good or bad we do not, and may never know.
Here's to a better guest animal when the time for number 3 comes around....