Friday, April 13, 2007

Got a monkey on your back?

Well, I heard that in an old song somewhere, maybe you remember it? Notwithstanding our memory lapses, our local Pet Shop is a constant source of...well, food, treats and toys..obviously. We encourage the Feeders to frequent the establishment , and luckily for Frtiz and I, they do. The shock to thier wallets is offset, so they tell us, by the amusement they garner form the somewhat bizarre window displays that the shop is prone to. I've heard that fancy "window designers" earn big bucks at Christmas time, especially here in mad old Manhattan. Well, our local Pet Shop keeps the Feeders constantly entertained with their ever changing window display: perhaps they pay an expert for this, although I do doubt it. This picture is of an incarnation captured today. The camera, I'm told, could not capture the furry lobster in the same frame, perhaps a blessing. We love our local Pet Shop (food/treat/toy) emporium. Hopefully they will keep changing their window display to entertain the feeders and ensure un-interrupted supply lines of Kitty essentials.


Daisy said...

That is a very silly window display! But I think I would like one of those big bugs. He is cute.

The Meezer Gang said...

That window display is stooooopid! Firstly, they have a gynormous D-O-G as the center of attention. The Lobster would have been better! Where's the cat stuff??? ohhhh! They need to do a window display full of Temptations!!! Now, THAT would be worth seeing!