Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Beauty of Bags and Boxes

Some of our favourite things, bags and boxes. These objects of beauty exist to be occupied by cats. On top of or inside them, either way, its our duty! It may be an unwritten rule, but it's certainly a central tenet of the cat code.
Below I may be observed displaying the appropriate behaviour in both bag and box examples of the genre:

A view from a box....

However, a bag or box shortage may create competitive pressures. Here you see me adopting a vigilant mode in a sucessfully occupied bag:

Alas, on this occassion, I was not able to maintain my advantage:

Do not fret however, peace was restored when the feeders procurred a box for Fritz. He was then able to demonstrate his truly distinguished box sleep-in technique:

Now that's text-book championship box filling, and championship napping, all in one go!


Caesar and Princess said...

We love bags and boxes too. Trash cans are nice too, they have a great smell.
I am glad it did not take too much to get everycat settled and comfy again after the little tussle. The feeders... sometimes they do noble things, such as supply the right items at necessary times...

have a great week-end

Forty Paws said...

Awesome box occupation there dude!! Yes, paper sacks and boxes are like, the best play toys.

Re: the termites, fire ants, etc. We have discovered that the swarming termites are actually only winged ants. Whoo-eee!!! The cats ignore them. The fire ants exist in the yard, and I spread fire ant killer throughout the yard so that they go inhabit my neighbors' yards. When a cricket gets in the house or garage, the cats have a field day. They love to watch them jump, and they love to pull the legs off them. We occasionally get tiny geckos in the house, and the cats love those. We try to rescue those and turn them loose outside.

Yes, I've heard about the rodent and cockroach problems of NYC. Luckily your fur kids keep them out of your apt!!!

Luf, Us

Daisy said...

Boxes! Boxes! I love boxes too! You are very right - once you find the perfect box, then you must spend much energy protecting your box from intruders.

I am glad Fritz got his own box, too.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Excellent ... you've captured the love of bags and boxes so well. (Actually I'm afraid of bags) But I LOVE shoe boxes and I used to have one that I sat in ALL DAY.

Ah... life is so good.