Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Snip and a Cut; one convenient location.

During their walkabout in today's sunshine (see post below), the Feeders also snapped this picture of our Vets office. We don't get outside much as you know, and when we do, it's invariably to visit the Vet. Thankfully, to date, only for routine matters. They are very nice there, and Fritz and I particularly like the lady Vets, even if we don't always take too kindly to the necessary "proceedures". I had forgotten until today's picture about one of my earliest visits. Suffice it to say, when I emerged, I qualified for the Unisex haircuts conveniently available right next door!


Daisy said...

Hahahah! Ernest, you are too funny. I am glad you had your hoo-ha-ectomy, very responsible of you.

Caesar and Princess said...

heehee this is funny. hahahahaha
I like your profile picture!

The Meezer Gang said...

oh goodness...we'd be a little afraid!!!!

Forty Paws said...

That is Hairlarious!!!! Tee hee.

Luf, Us