Thursday, April 12, 2007

All the Animal News that's fit to Mention...(cat related edition)

Ripe old animal ages being reported here in the Guardian from England today. We all know how difficult it is to beat a Tortoise, but some good old cats put in a sterling performance: "In 2004, Whiskey, a 33-year-old tabby from Essex, staked his claim as Britain's oldest cat, but his owner was unable to prove the claim conclusively. As for the world title, the Guinness Book of World Records held that Creme Puff, a cat from Austin, Texas, died in 2005 aged 38 years and three days, though there has been much jostling for the crown. Guinness at present records the oldest living cat as Kataleena Lady, a 27-year-old Burmese born on March 11, 1977, in Australia."
Of course you've probably already read about the English cat who takes the bus to the Fish and Chip shop every day! Now, there's an English feeder here, and he's full of admiration, due to his prediliction for Fish and Chips from "home". I'd take the bus for him to fetch a meal or two, but there's no decent "chippies" here in Manhattan unfortunately.
Maenwhile, scientists are busy cataloging all the earth's animals. The Guardian (again, sorry, old habits die hard), claims that "The project, involving some 3,000 biologists, is led by Frank Bisby of the University of Reading in England and Orrell." Mr Bisby is clearly not reading our blog, because I checked, and although he's based at Reading University, he has not yet added Kingsley Royal (see our last Guest Animal spot below) to his so called comprehensive catalog.
Final Fantastic Feline news. The Amur tiger is surviving. Thank goodness for the good news final item, traditonally always a feel-good animal story, and always best when the feel-good is feline.

Exhausting stuff monitoring the kitty news wires...especially as Fritz simply disowned monitoring activities and retired to his Tunnel of Love -taking shelter (indoors) from the wretched weather we've (well, the Feeders anyway), experienced in the last couple of days of this so called "spring".
My name's Ernest, good night, and good napping.


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Hi Ernest! We finded you at The Meezer Gang's blog. We is The Meezers - Sammy and Miles. Come and bisit us when you gets a chance. We always like meeting new furriends!

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Daisy said...

Hi Ernest! I also saw you at The Meezer Gang's blog. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the news. I hope I live to be 33 too.