Sunday, June 24, 2007

Miss Peach's Meme

Our friends Anastasia and Karl have tagged us for Miss Peach's meme. We love learning more about our cat friends, so here's another chance to learn more about us!

1) Favorite season?
Fritz: Winter for sure! I love snuggling with the Feeders and catching snow flakes from inside the window!
Ernest: Springtime! That's when the birdies come out!

2) Favorite colors?
Fritz: Orange, of course!
Ernest: All the brightest colors! I embrace the rainbow!

3) Favorite room?
Fritz: The kitchen... that's where the Grammy's Pot Pie is!
Ernest: The living room... that's where the best windows are!

4) Do you like dogs?
Fritz: My best friend from kittenhood was a dog. Some of them are great fun!
Ernest: I've never met one.

5) Ever been in an airplane box?
Fritz: Yes. It was not fun. At least I got to ride in the cabin with a Feeder.
Ernest: Never.

6) Do you have the get bathed?
Fritz: Hell, no! I do not like getting wet.
Ernest: I fell in the tub once when a Feeder was taking a shower. It wasn't pretty.

7) Are you in love?
Fritz: I love my catnip cigars!
Ernest: I love all the ladies!

8) Where would you like to travel to?
Fritz: Hmmm... I'm not a fan of the cat carrier and I definitely did not enjoy my airport experience. I'm happy here!
Ernest: Any exotic locales!

9) What do you ignore?
Fritz: Ernest in the morning.
Ernest: Any time a Feeder says "ERNEST!"

10) How many lives have you used up?
Fritz: Luckily I have not had any close calls. I still have all my nine lives.
Ernest: It's hard to say how many lives I lost in that basement before the Feeders found me.

11) Do you have any dark secrets?
Fritz: Nope.
Ernest: Well, I do have a secret lair. That's where I hide the toys...

12) What is your favorite holiday?
Fritz: Thanksgiving! Turkey is a great treat!
Ernest: Isn't every day a holiday?

13) Water or milk?
Fritz: Milk makes me sick.
Ernest: I have never had milk before.

14) Why do you blog?
Fritz: I like to make new friends!
Ernest: Me too!

15) Are you into extremes?
Fritz: Well, I am a championship napper!
Ernest: I am into extreme playing!

16) Favorite TV shows?
Fritz: I really enjoyed the dinosaur series on the Discovery Channel.
Ernest: I don't watch TV.

17) Are you a pesty lap cat?
Fritz: I do like a good nap, but I wouldn't call myself pesty!
Ernest: Laps! Laps are for sleeping!

18) Inside or outside cat?
Fritz: Inside only... we live in New York City!
Ernest: Inside.

19) What makes you happy?
Fritz: A full tummy and a warm Feeder's lap.
Ernest: Climbing on the bike frames!

20) Your most embarrassing moment?
Fritz: I always act with the grace and poise one would expect from a cat.
Ernest: See answer to #6.

I hope you all enjoyed that! We tag all the cool cats out there who have not done this meme yet!


The Cat Realm said...

That was very enlighting! I love orange too!!! Very nice to learn more about you two! Thanks for playing.
And those catnip cigars! We looked at them but I think we prefer our fresh nip - you can see it at our site, we posted a picture a while ago.
See you around, guys! Say hello to the big city - if we wouldn't love the outdoors so much that's were we would be! I actually wouldn't mind being on a Broadway stage...

Forty Paws said...

Ernest, you're a mess, you know it? Several of us have fallen in the tub too. Nope, it ain't pretty. Especially when a bean is taking a bath and we're all claws and paws trying to get out of that nasty, wet water!!!

Luf, Us

小芥 michico said...

I like your meme.
And I am glad we are all inside cat.

And Discovery channel is great~!

It's happy to know you more.

Daisy said...

Catnip cigars are the best! I wish I had a special lair where I could hide all of my toys. I just have a cardboard toybox.

I am glad you agree that flying is No Fun.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Mmm...Grammy's Pot've got me drooling. That is one of my favorite flavors!


Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

So furrrrymice to meet you two! Glad you did my you got to fly in an airplane box!? COOL!
Stay cool in the concert city this summer. I live in the desert and it will be furrrry hot here soon...
Purrrrs and stop over again soon

Caesar and Princess said...

Fantastic answers.
I do love orange too now that I think of it!

we have both fallen in the tub at various times... all in the past now..
Humiliating but easily gotten over.


Kitikata-san said...

These are very interesting facts. Like #6, I think I must have fell into the tub once in a former life because I do not like that being near the tub. I will wait right outside the door until the human is done in the tub.

The Meezer Gang said...

"climbing on bike frames"???????

This makes one wonder?!?!?!

We enjoyed reading this!!!