Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In the Blue chair

Here we are , one up, one down, as they might say. One of our favourite sitting chairs is this one. It has been in almost every abode of one of the feeders since childhood. Once upon a time, it sat alone in his childhood bedroom in England and told him stories from it's carvings. Now it's in New York, with us adding to it's fabric, in our own ways. At night, this chair has tales to tell: it still whispers.


Caesar and Princess said...

If some of our feeders treasures could talk... what stories we would hear.

You two look so nice there enjoying this beautiful well traveled perch!

Daisy said...

That chair is the perfect size for you. Since it has so many important memories, you had best be very careful in the chair!

The Crew said...

Great picture, guys!

You can tell your feeder is British. The way he spelled "favorite" is a dead give away.

You must tell us some chair stories.