Friday, June 22, 2007

Half Moon over Manhattan

Here's a view from our window this evening. The thunderstorms came through yesterday and today has been a clear and less humid day; our kind of weather. This may be too small for you to see in this picture, but those are lions on the cornice of the top (12th) floor of the building accross the street.

We admire them often, and wonder how the air (and bird spotting) is up there.

Again, perhaps the picture may be too small, but if you can see a lattice like pattern imposed over it, well, that's our nemisis: the anti-pigeon netting. This was insatalled around the inner parts of our building about a year ago.

So, alas, no longer can we stalk the pigeons from behind our windows as they preen upon our fire escape.

Luckily, there are still plenty of birds to espy; but now they are just farther from our no-doubt terrifying posturing

Talking of which, here's Fritz from a year ago, pre-netting, looking through our window: he has him in his sights!

Regrettably the pigeon, for some reason, looks fairly defiant!

A New York pigeon knows a 6th floor apartment cat does not have open windows without screens, and hence, Fritz can only threaten in vain.


The Cat Realm said...

You got tagged!!!
We tagged you with Miss Peach's meme, check it out at our place and give us answers!

小芥 michico said...

Oah my, that pigeon must bother you a lot~~
I love see birds, too.
Always making me excited.

We also have half moon here.
We are looking at the same moon~~~

Happy weekend to you~!

DaisyMae Maus said...

When I biggified the pictures, I could see the lions quite clearly ... and I totally understand why you describe the pigeon as "defiant" ... He was MOCKING you!

Forty Paws said...

Very cool. How did they install anti-pigeon netting over the whole building? This is very strange indeed. What happens if you need to use the fire escape?

We think Jenny is better now, but somebody else yakked last night. With 10 cats, someone is always yakking. Just another day at the Forty Paws....

Luf, Us

Peach Man said...

Hi You Cats,
I saw your comment over on Speedy's blog and came to check you out. I have an American feeder and an occasional English feeder. The English Feeder likes to put me up on his head. He's very cool. Not like my American feeder, the No-lady, aka, Mama. I'm wild and crazy. Come visit me over at my blog, The Peach Pit, sometime!
Peach Man

Daisy said...

I biggified and I SAW the lions! Wow!

I am very glad you have screens over your windows.

Kitikata-san said...

Dear Fritz, one, you have the most gorgeous color (I think I would know that), and you have such a great view from your window! So, do you think you could jump and get the birdie?