Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hello! I'm still here too!

Fritz was a bit offended by his lack of mentions in my previous post. He's not as keen as I am on the cycling, but as I was being photographed at the scene of my adventures/crimes..

...Fritz was observing with a look, if not of disapproval, then perhaps of resignation?

He's so inscrutable, I must say it's a good job I'm around to at least coax the occassional "kitten-moment" from "old sensible" as I refer to Fritz in those moments when I'm not receiving a good "lecture" from him concerning my projects.

A bicycle (re-) made for two

The Feeders, once in a while, like to go for a bike ride. Usually they cycle beside along the Hudson River, starting here in the aptly named Riverside Park;

you can practically ride the length of Manhatan along this tow path, or so we're told.

It's New York, so the bikes must live in the apartment, in the "hallway", as we somewhat grandly call the bit after the front door. For me, it's a personal playground, indeed jungle gym ,

not to mention a fantastic scratching and chewing post, all in one. I also get to imagine, and enact, racing through town on important cat missions, the exact object of which I usually forget, except for the racing bit.

Feeder number one is not too keen on the erosion of his bike seat, but it's such a good foamy, destructible item, that I just had to add it to my list of "projects". Besides, I'm on important missons.

We're not the only people with bike storage challenges in New York : here's a picture the feeders took recently of a local restaurant's storage for the food delivery bikes:

Now, that really does look like a good climbing frame/scratching/chewing post to me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The great indoors

Rather inclement weather here for the last few days. In fact, rather autumnal. Best for Fritz and I to stay snug inside (perhaps as documented using a cheap photo effect that a certain feeder was playing around with) ....

......whilst the Feeders venture out in the rain to do whatever it is that they do to keep the cat food supply lines intact.

Mind you, it doesn't stop Fritz dreaming of the great outdoors and what joys it may yield. I think he's been reading too much of the great naturalists at We three Ginger Cat Tales blog , maybe this post amongst many others.

Maybe he was also jealous of the feeders recent trip to the seaside.

So, when the Feeders were watching television and the wildlife program featured the seaside, Fritz was first to the cliffs edge...

He was quite enthralled actually...

Fritz was an outdoor cat once, for a short time, on a farm in Ohio, far from the sea-side. So he likes to dream, and all of this stimulation and dreaming of sea air, could only have one inevitable outcome...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today began like any other normal day...

I awoke before anybody else, as usual. Actually Fritz, woke up when I did, glanced at me disapprovingly, and rolled over, stretched languidly, and went back to sleep. As usual. So far, business as....well, you know it. I proceed to the window sill and, helpfully I feel, slowly begin to draw the curtains:

No reaction? Follow normal procedure and extend paw to postion curtain for minimum sun-blocking efficiency:

At this point, there are stirrings. The sleepers are reluctantly coming to terms with another daybreak. Another "feed and play with me dawn" as I prefer to label this "moving" hour. . The coupe de grace is the threat of climbing the curtains, at this stage, a glance is sufficient to get at least one Feeder to jump out of bed. I found out that they are a little worried about the robustness of the curtain rail, so just a glance suffices:

Everybody wide awake at sunrise, I'm happy. The day ahead usually foretells some serious post-breakfast napping, in anticipation of a return of somewhat tired looking feeders, and...well, food. Tonight, however, was different....

The Feeders came home home with a new friend. Fritz and I thought we'd seen him somewhere before, but we weren't certain. It took some time and careful investigation, but we like our new dragon friend and we hear he was the only dragon in the shop, perhaps condemend to endless window dislay exploitations unless rescued. Here follows some photos of Fritz and I getting to know a dragon that we already almost knew:

Fritz was very sceptical, so was I . Not quite sure yet Fritz, he may fire?

Getting a bit more comfortable..

And before you know it , Fritz is a dragon's best friend:

Well I opened the curtains on the day, so I can't be outdone by Fritz before bedtime. If he can befriend a dragon, so can I?

It may take some time...

but before you know it, we're almost peas in a pod...

And before bed time, Fritz is also happy to pose with our new friend, but he's tired and won't look too impressed until he's had a good night's sleep...but tomorrow morning, I'll be ready for cutains up!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How much is that dragon, moose, bulldog, flamingo, monkey, skunk and pink the window?

The feeders have shared news of their pet food shopping with us before. We usually cast a critcial, yet appreciative eye upon the new stock of cans that the shop yields, and then look forward to the latest pictures of the shop window. There have been some fairly surreal sights in the past; this month, well, only pictures can tell:

Firstly, our (only?) local dragon has slipped from his former steed and now looks a little subdued, alongside an equally benign (comical) bulldog.

A plan is afoot, feeders say, to liberate the local dragon from this ignomy.

Meanwhile, a flamingo lives in a (faux?) burberry kennel.... inspiration, no doubt, for all the Manhattan Flamingo owners who may fret about appropriate pet housing.

We selfishly look for cat realted window features, and yes, sure enough, they seem to have a good scratching post, but it appears to be the happy perch of a monkey embracing (or is it strangling?) a moose.

At this point I suppose it was no surprise to Fritz and I that there's also a pink poodle (we assume) and a skunk - what else - featured in the same window...

Words fail us. All we can say is , they may all look strange at the local pet shop, but they do have our favourite foods, and they are always in stock. As long as the feeders can secure our supplies from this, their very local, pet food emporium, who are we to complain?

Thursday, August 9, 2007


We have parquet floors and it's always been one of my daily tasks to attempt to liberate a portion of it, and carry it away to my secret lair, (under the bed, but please don't tell the Feeders). Obviously, I'm a busy chap, so this has been an on-going endeavour. I have many other obligations as you may understand. However, I have always felt that it's good to set goals ( as long as I set them)!

I'm nothing if not determined, and finally, last weekend, whilst they were away - Mission Accomplished!

That's the Feeders photograph of me at the scene of the crime. I attempted to adopt my "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" innocent air, but I'm not certain it looks as convincing as I had hoped...

Fritz does not approve of what he terms my "vandalism". I think it's only because he likes the colour of the floor as it is rather complimentary to his colouring, and hence, his photo opportunities. Ah, those orange hues.

I turned my back (innocently), and looked ahead to my next challenge;

Fritz and the Feeders often term it "mischief", (occasionaly worse), but I'll let you know when I have chosen my next "project".

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Patience of Job (s)

Well, one Feeder began a new job last month. The other began inheriting a new boss. It was a little disconcerting for Fritz and I to sense their apprehension. To be honest, we were a little preturbed as well.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that they leave home every weekday morning and return each evening purely to earn that monthly or bi-monthly cat food/treat/toy voucher. We are not too keen on any eventuality that might endanger this equilibrium.

However,they seem to have survived the transitions and we're most happy that they remain happy (-ily employed!)

I extend the paw of congratulations....

...and Fritz rests easy once more

Just this past weekend, the Feeders escaped to the sea-shore as guests of kind friends. They seemed more relaxed when they came home. They stayed at a house equiped with rustic, sea-salt-rusty bicycles.... immortal frog in the deer-nibbled, shore weathered herb window-box....

..and saw more Monarchs in one weekend than ever; a chance to to photograph them as they have never had before:

We know that this made a Feeder or two happy. Fritz and I are relieved they are back, and we know that they thank their friends who invited them to that Atlantic shore. We hear the hospitality, kindness and company was beyond compare. We guess that some tales may ,as yet, remain untold.

Fritz, the Feeders and I know who these friends are, and we thank them all most sincerely!