Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghosts from the past....

...return, of all days, on Halloween.

It has been a long month here: at various times Feeders were traveling for work (we encourage gainful employment to ensure vital supplies), at other times, they were stricken with what seemed to be the earliest human colds of the season.

Their energies were thus diverted I suppose, and rest assured Fritz and I were as supportive as possible.

It does seems as though all's getting back on track: witness the following...

Last night there was a feast, of sorts, prepared in our kitchen...I was watching carefully...

Even Fritz pricked up his ears....

We were happy that they must be feeling better enough to cook a hearty meal.

To be honest though, we were also happily anticipating the possiblity of any left overs from this main course..... the aroma of which which was causing our whiskers to twitch somewhat..

Hmm..Salmon. Big Salmon. Did they really eat all of that themselves? We had high hopes of rich pickings around the table...

Well, I'm afraid that, in return for a rather generous helping of cat treats, we promised not to tell!

A trick I suppose, but we did get our treats...and we hope you did too.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fritz takes the high ground

Once in while, (rarely, but once in a while), I surrender the high ground to Fritz.

He is older than me after all, so it helps him to feel "in charge", and that makes him more easy-going in the long-run. I haven't told him yet that it's all calculated on my part: really, I'm in charge when he thinks he is. If he feels dominant, he's happy.

Mind you, the Feeders do point out to me ocassionally that I'm really wasting my time with my covert operations because, frankly, Fritz doesn't really mind as long as he gets his food and Feeders' love, and that he will countanance anything I do just as long as the food and love keeps flowing.

Mainly though, as long as the Kitty Cat Cafe is always open for Fritz, he's a happy camper, and happy to let me feel in charge.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

No Parachute required.

I sleep often on the chair in the hallway. I do sit there wide-awake too, mainly when a feeder is trying to use it to sit and put on their shoes. For me, it's a very comfy chair. It's close to the bicycles, my jungle gym, and close to the front door, source of entry for feeders; i.e. all-around good spot. But in a deep sleep, I sleep like this:

So, this is to say, (and this only applies when "they" are away), I often tuck my left leg improbably back and around and under - as so:

The first time the feders saw this, they thought I had fallen onto the chair from a great height, that it was an emergency and so and they almost called the emergency services...

Of Course, now they know that I will awake, stretch, and like a butterfly, emerge from my apparent crushed state in all my, well...they have the words for it, ask them!

So now they refer to that posture of mine as the "Ernest forgot his parachute" position. I don't really know what to say about that. But, since you may well ask, I say, it's wishful thinking on their part, as i'm very much up and running.
I did ask Fritz, but ,well,he's seen it all before and so he's not too easily impressed with my antics.

Please let us know if you nap in a most peculiar posture too..I'll let Fritz know!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Under, and above, the Influence

Well, it's time to spill the beans: Fritz likes his catnip. It's never done anything for me, but then I was born in a Harlem basement and was fed chinese food scraps, if I was fed at all.

So I'm not much good when it comes to "organic". Fritz, on the other hand, has always had a weaknes for "The Nip". Anyway, we have a few scratching pad options, as indoor cats do. These traditionally are "hubs" for Nip distribution. The old floor model, seen here, wore out:

It's been replaced with a new one; it was introduced to us with a little sprinkling of cat nip, and Fritz was a happy partaker: here he is in a a happy (hippy?) state, maybe imagining the music from all those LP's (er, records; things we had before cd's) behind him?

I chose to observe from my perch in the bookcase above:

Sure enough, Fritz looked happy with "his" new scratching pad, he settled down for a (yet to be concluded ) nap:

Monday, September 24, 2007

Short-term Memory?

The Feeders camera kept telling them they had a "memory error". At least one of them just shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

And they say we cats are the only ones with short term memory.

The other Feeder, being a little more technologically adept, realized that maybe we just needed a new memory card for the camera to solve the problem. Thanks to Amazon, a new card for the camera arrived today - the Feeder is still searching Amazon for his replacement memory chip...

So, testing, testing, 123... the new chip last night was put to work. Random poses on my part; much rehearsed on Fritz's behalf.. but that's his way:

Fritz and the dragon continue to work on their relationship...

Stand-offish, I think it's still fair to say?

Of course, I didn't want them to post this... just because their camera works again: I think I look like a vampire that had dental care on the national health (U.K.) But I do like hiding behind the telly, and disturbing the horse statue:

A Chinese horse as it happens. If the Feeders choose to show you one day, the next "endangered" ornament is just around the corner. It's African. My Interest in the statuary is , how does it shatter?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Season

It's officially "Fall" here in New York, so we hear. The English Feeder seems uncertain if it's officially Autumn at home as well, but there has been a noticable Autumnal chill here in the early morning in the past few days.

I like it when it isn't too hot, and here it too often is. After all that humidity, it's much easier to have a good old frisk now that the "times are a'changin" again. Here's one of my action pictures when I'm full of beans in Autumn:

The old "mouse on an elastic string", cooler weather, I'm in business!

Not necessarially in his Autumn years by any means, but wise as if he were, Fritz prefers to celebrate the new season by basking in the flattering Autumnal light:

He doesn't like to expend too much energy, regardless of the season.

And so, as they say (we hear) back in England, "at the end of day", I tend to look a little more exhausted than Fritz in the cooler seasons....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Building Beasties

Our building is quite old. Fritz and I rarely get the see it from the outside, and when we do it means we on the way to or from the vets, so we're not paying too much attention to the finer architectural details.

So the feeders took some photos for us which show some of the other animals that grace the house :

Fritz, who lived on a farm for a little while, says these are sheep, and I can't really argue with him as I've never seen anything like these. Although they do seem to have handle-bars, just like the feeders bicyles. Good for climbing!

I do recognise the next one though, I've seen the Feeders cooking Fish before...hmmm tasty. This one looks too big for their pan though...

The last one is from inside, in the hallway we're told. Now this looks altogether familiar:

Fritz thinks it's there to indicate "Fritz Lives Here" or "Beware of the Cat" and he's now striking all sorts of poses to live up to his new-found reputation...

(I can tell you confidentially, he's not really any more threatening than the fish, but we'll let him enjoy his moment of attempted ferocity).