Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Library Additions from England

Fritz, as you may recall, is a fan of the feeders library .

Whilst In England, a few additions (editions) were purchased, mainly adding to the Butterfly and Moth component of the shelves (now straining in their New York City apartment confines). Fritz and I are allowed to peruse and approve:

We have many books on Butterflies from countries visited by the Feeders, and on occassion, their family contributes if they are somewhere abroad and can find the right book shop.

Once in a blue moon, the feeders see a butterfly they can photograph (they move, we're told, more than Fritz and I - so we'll work on that).

But, that's a Monarch, here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and perhaps we are told, in time she may be in Mexico, having a nap.

We'll stay and nap here, but we do admire the butterflies that seem to have to fight the odds to survive, and then, maybe, have a nap.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rocking Boy Bloggers

Ernest and I are honored to be nominated as Rocking Boy Bloggers by Karl and Anastasia, Caesar and Princess, and Kimo and Sabi. Thank you! We would like to nominate all those boy cats out there for this award, because all you boy cat bloggers rock!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Normal (food) service has been Resumed!

The Feeders are home again! We were well cared for whilst they were away, but we slept a lot and waited, and it was hot here and we were jealous as they were in cooler climes (=England). Under such circumstances, Fritz and I can be quite good sleeping buddies.

Not often we're so close: only when the Feeders are so afar:

We don't have the full details of the trip yet, they appear a little tired at the moment . They say Jet Lag. We're patient kitties, but we can't help wondering if this was a contributing factor to thier slow recovery time.

When they are fully awake (5.00 am tomorrow if we have anything to do with it!), then no doubt we'll have more updates once more and news of the travels.

Fritz and I hope you have all been well (& well fed) during our hiatus.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Blimey, it was hot.

Here in Manhattan it was too hot last week for much posting. It peaked at about 92 (on the old-world temperature thingy), and it was really humid to boot. Luckily, the Feeders are in training for a trip to Engalnd, so they were prepared to turn the only air conditioner we have up to "Arctic" setting (11 on the Spinal Tap scale), so hopefully they will be fully prepared for the full force of this English summer!

Here I am, hogging the full force of the arctic blast (temporarily, as Fritz "of the Antarctic," relishes this perch too).

Without the air conditioning on in the bedroom, our fisking activities were limited. Not much else to do other than sit around as expansively and handsomely as possible: Here, together -

And here's Fritz looking very cool and distinguished in adversely humid conditions - cool as a cucumber!

Of course, I can do that too:

Well, as it's me posting, and if it's too hot to move, I'll happily oblige the photographers with some of my best poses:

But, the vanity backfires: just as I look left for my best profile shot (even though I say so myself) .....

Then, to my right, distracting my moment in the limelight, what do you think that ginger blur might be?

I'll tell you what it might be....jealous!