Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How much is that dragon, moose, bulldog, flamingo, monkey, skunk and pink poodle...in the window?

The feeders have shared news of their pet food shopping with us before. We usually cast a critcial, yet appreciative eye upon the new stock of cans that the shop yields, and then look forward to the latest pictures of the shop window. There have been some fairly surreal sights in the past; this month, well, only pictures can tell:

Firstly, our (only?) local dragon has slipped from his former steed and now looks a little subdued, alongside an equally benign (comical) bulldog.

A plan is afoot, feeders say, to liberate the local dragon from this ignomy.

Meanwhile, a flamingo lives in a (faux?) burberry kennel....

...an inspiration, no doubt, for all the Manhattan Flamingo owners who may fret about appropriate pet housing.

We selfishly look for cat realted window features, and yes, sure enough, they seem to have a good scratching post, but it appears to be the happy perch of a monkey embracing (or is it strangling?) a moose.

At this point I suppose it was no surprise to Fritz and I that there's also a pink poodle (we assume) and a skunk - what else - featured in the same window...

Words fail us. All we can say is , they may all look strange at the local pet shop, but they do have our favourite foods, and they are always in stock. As long as the feeders can secure our supplies from this, their very local, pet food emporium, who are we to complain?


Jimmy Joe said...

Wow--those are some pretty crazy windows you got there in the big city. My momma goes to Manhattan sometimes, and she said that if there are any pet flamingos there, she wouldn't be surprised if they got Burberry tents.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Caesar and Princess said...

Oh goodness. they went crazy in the shop window. somebean was feeling quite silly.
The plaid dog house is pretty scary. Burberry can be that way sometimes though.
The Dragon needs to be saved.

they hanging toys there, make my heart go pitter pat with excitement

Purrs, Princess

Daisy said...

That is a very very strange pet shop. And I am pretty sure that the monkey is strangling that moose! I hope he can survive, because monkeys can be very evil.

I hope the plan to save the dragon works!

Forty Paws said...

Hah! That's hilarious! What a strange pet shop they have in NYC.

Luf, Us