Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hello! I'm still here too!

Fritz was a bit offended by his lack of mentions in my previous post. He's not as keen as I am on the cycling, but as I was being photographed at the scene of my adventures/crimes..

...Fritz was observing with a look, if not of disapproval, then perhaps of resignation?

He's so inscrutable, I must say it's a good job I'm around to at least coax the occassional "kitten-moment" from "old sensible" as I refer to Fritz in those moments when I'm not receiving a good "lecture" from him concerning my projects.


Daisy said...

I can imagine racing through town on important cat-bicycle missions, too! I see you have customized the seat very well for your mission. Maybe you can teach Fritz how to ride a bike with you.

Jimmy Joe said...

My momma loves the idea of cycling through Manhattan, 'cuz she goes there a lot, but I think I'd probably get sick. Looks a little too much like a car to me. Maybe me and Fritz could hang out at home while you cycle!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Caesar and Princess said...

Dear Ernest -- and Fritz, We love to hear about your adventures. It is good to be adventurous and try different and daring things!