Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still Looking for a New England?

Hooray - the "Boston Feeder" returned, a little beaten, but not thankfully not too bowed.
Ah, we more than napped in full comfort mode last night. Here we may be seen happily settling down at the end of the bed for a nap, in full knowledge that both Feeders were yet again going to be in need of our invaluable, and doubtless charming, very early wake-up services:

The one Feeder was on a work trip; they're rarely fun we've heard, and Boston tends to take the biscuit. Not, apparently, a biscuit any better dunked in the tea served there than elsewhere in America, despite the tea party claim to fame. At least the Yankees beat Boston at Baseball two times out of three during the trip; it sounds as though was some consolation to the Feeder.
In lieu of decent tea of course, (certainly if you're English,) - beer. I heard from the Feeder though, that to add insult to injury, despite all the much vaunted effort to shake off the shackles of the English, and so forth, (and the resulting Boston pride in the ultimate success of said endeavours, and taking full claim for the credit for doing so), it appears Boston kept one "tradition" at least - the same pub licensing hours as their vanquished foe.
I think that after a few days back in the tender care of Fritz and I, all will be well. A feeder safely back in Manhatten to feed and love us and drink decent tea at his own parties and beer on a liberated schedule, without feeling quite so old and English, is a happy feeder.


Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Glad you're back from Boston. There's no place like New York... even though I only saw it from the inside of our apartment and from the cab whenever I went to the vet.

Where do you get your tea? When our British man was in the US he found some real English Tetley's tea at the supermarket. He was excited about that.

Daisy said...

I am glad your feeder is home, and you are back to your normal routine!
Happy holiday weekend.

Forty Paws said...

Tee hee. Poor English feeder. Paw can empathize. Paw likes Twinings Darjeeling quite well.

Luf, Us