Monday, May 28, 2007

Playing with the traffic?

Well, we can't play with it thankfully, but we do spend a lot of time studying it from our window. It is Broadway, so it's fairly frantic, even this far uptown :

Our award for "most intriguing traffic" is certainly this delivery van that we see quite frequently, usually making very early calls, (i.e. some time between our first and third efforts to wake up the sleepers).

Now, if you buy bread in this neck of the woods, as the feeders occasionally do, it may come in a paper bag carrying the following logo:

Both we and the Feeders of course wanted to find out more about his tasty bread company with such tasty taste in corporate logos. And, buy the tee shirt. And, obviously, offer to model for them.
Well here they are, and God bless 'em, not a gift shop in sight - it's all about their brilliant bread - no frills, just the bread facts:
Tom Cat Bakery
The Feeders say it's the best bread, as it very well it may be with such great taste in signage!
It reminded the English feeder of a picture book he had as a child, of various vehicles, each with a personality and a rhyme, including the bread truck, alas, no cat logos in those innocent days:

(Hope you can read the rhyme, not a good photo we admit). If not, it goes like this:
"I'm Billy the Baker's Van,
Painted bright red;
I carry the Sugar buns
Pastry and bread.
I take all the orders Round to each door,
and all of my customers
Come back for more".

Well, it's an old book, already old even when the Feeder was young (or so he tells us)! Nonetheless, we were asked (disclaimer -cat treat compensation may have been negotiated) to pose for the following picture with said book, "Tootles the Taxi" - a Ladybird book for those of you (mostly from Blighty or it's "closer" affiliates probably) who may remember such delights (which Fritz and I frankly do not)!:

We did read some more rhymes though; they're great! The pictures are even better, so old fashioned, even make a Feeder feel young! Maybe we'll share some more pictures and words from this book with you soon.


Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Fascinating. I'm going to ask our man about Tootles the Taxi. Also, wouldn't it be nice wiht the baker's van still came around with sugar buns? ahhh... those were the days.

Forty Paws said...

We'll have to ask Paw about these books.

Tee hee. We looked at the Tom Cat Bakery site to see what kinds of breads they have and it said "still fermenting". That's funny.

Great pose of the poodins with Tootles the Taxi!

Luf, Us

Daisy said...

With a sign like that, they must have good bread! My Mommie still has some of her old children's books. She liked "Harry the Dirty Dog"!

The Crew said...

That is interesting about the bakery since we cats don't usually like breads or cookies & such. Maybe the owner just likes cats, or maybe they have one working as a greeter? Let us know what you find out.


Caesar and Princess said...

That is a great window for you to look out of. It is interesting to see the activity out there.

It is nice to be safe inside.
What a nice looking kitty on that truck!

That poetry book is really cute too.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Have been reading Mrs Chippy. Very good. Many thanks for the recommendation. In Wales today it is cold and wet and curling up and reading weather.

The Ginger Darlings said...

We have put a picture of you that we found in Wales onto our website with a link back to you. You are the cats whiskers!