Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mascot Marches in May Madness

You may recall our recent Guest Animal, Kingsley?
He's the mascot of the feeders favourite football team in England. Well, during a match last week he was sent-off by the referee (I suppose, being ejected from a game would be the equivalent here in a baseball game)?

Is this Lion'ist? Feline'ist? I'm not sure. At least Readings team's manager had the good grace to take it lightly and claim it was easy to confuse him with a squad member.
Even The Times of London weighed in with an in-depth analysis of the potential anti-feline bias at work here: essentialy they conclude that the birds get away with it:" Kingsley is the first mascot in the 14-year history of the Premiership to be reported to the FA. Six years ago, Cyril the Swan, the Swansea City mascot, earned immortality in the animal kingdom when he clashed with Zampa the Lion, the Millwall mascot and presumably one of Kingsley’s forefathers. Cyril removed Zampa’s head and drop-kicked it into the crowd".
Meanwhile, only one game left in the season. Reading, for those that care, (a Feeder or two in the vicinity), have acquitted themselves with distinction in their inaugural season in the top flight.
Fritz and I are pleased our Feeders support a team with a fiesty feline as their mascot, (and we're looking forward to the off-season and more attention on match day Saturdays)!


Daisy said...

Poor Kingsley! That was very very unfair. I hope his name gets cleared.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Ernest... I tagged you for a little game. Go to my blog to see.