Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Library Additions from England

Fritz, as you may recall, is a fan of the feeders library .

Whilst In England, a few additions (editions) were purchased, mainly adding to the Butterfly and Moth component of the shelves (now straining in their New York City apartment confines). Fritz and I are allowed to peruse and approve:

We have many books on Butterflies from countries visited by the Feeders, and on occassion, their family contributes if they are somewhere abroad and can find the right book shop.

Once in a blue moon, the feeders see a butterfly they can photograph (they move, we're told, more than Fritz and I - so we'll work on that).

But, that's a Monarch, here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and perhaps we are told, in time she may be in Mexico, having a nap.

We'll stay and nap here, but we do admire the butterflies that seem to have to fight the odds to survive, and then, maybe, have a nap.


Daisy said...

Butterflies are pretty! So delicate, but so strong to fly so very far. And tasty, too.

Forty Paws said...

We luf to watch butterflies! They are dainty and they fly so pretty!

Luf, Us

Caesar and Princess said...

We love butterflies.
Buggie books are very very interesting. They have some great pictures too.

happy week-end

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Wonderful books to read, we love butterflies. Our human wants a butterfly garden but we have toooo many hurricanes. Maybe next season she will get one for us.

Purrs for a happy week

The Cat Realm said...

Butterflies, they are one of my specialties! Very tasty, as Daisy comments! And fun to catch, with a certain challenge to it!

Peach Man said...

I didn't know butterflies were one of your faves. You should check out this site: http://www.schmetterlinghaus.at/english1.htm
Or maybe the Feeders will travel to Vienna and bring you a sample.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

"We'll stay and nap here, but we do admire the butterflies that seem to have to fight the odds to survive, and then, maybe, have a nap."

Ha! Yes. They sound too ambitious for me.

The Meezers said...

hey guys, what's going on?

The Ginger Darlings said...

Butterflies and moths are flying here when we walk.
In the day there are peacock and ringed and tortoiseshell and woodland browns. At night we cannot see the colours. At night all moths are gray.
Yesterday we heard the neighbours talking to Her who we live with . They said that the Polish man who works for them said it was good to leave his windows open here as there were night time butterflies who fly in. They laughed because he did not know the English word for moth. We thought it beautiful and poetic. Night time butterflies and day time moths. We also suspect his English is better than their Polish.
She who we live there is trying to write a book about great white bears. She is reading, reading, books about the Arctic. In one it tells of a butterfly with a fourteen year life cycle. So much time is spent waiting to grow, waiting to eat, in the cold lands. We wonder if it too dreams of wings as it slumbers and waits for the Arctic summer.
Our human wonders how such small and delicate scraps of colour fly with such certainty and how they find their way from flower to flower sometimes across such distances, further than swallows.Magical.

The Cat Realm said...

Hey guys - you haven't posted in a while - we miss you!
The maid will actually be in the City this coming weekend, so it'll be just us here and the butler.
I Dare You...!
Come on over and check it out.